Become a partner with casinos

Become a partner with casinos

Have you ever wanted to make the huge money casino owners on Malta are making? Well, that might be hard unless you actually own your own casino and make it within a highly competitive business such as iGaming. What you can easily do however, is to take a cut out of the cake from the casinos. You see all these casino ads you see online are there because casinos pays people like you and me to recruit new customers for the casinos, and the payouts are huge. You can receive almost half of every penny the casinos make, and all you have to do is to spread what is called an “affiliate-link”. Basically a link to the casino you are recruiting for. Every one that registers on the casino via your link will then earn you money as soon as they play on the casino, for the rest of life. Straight up 40% revenue, from a single link. It’s that easy.

How to become partners with the casinos then, you might think? Well, that’s the easy part. All you have to do is to register on something called an “affiliate network” which is a network that makes deals with the casinos and then shares those deals with people that wants to earn money by recruiting for the casinos. You and me, that is. 

Here is a list of the best casino affiliate networks:

Matching Visions

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This is an affiliate network that has many years within the iGaming scene. They offer more than 100 different brands and over 500 different campaigns targeting in international audience. It doesn’t matter which country you have traffic from, there will always be an available campaign for you to promote. Matching Visions also offers on time payments, a professional help and support as well as a very smooth platform covering all your needs as an affiliate.

Kindred / Unibet

casino partner

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Kindred is, as you might now, the company that owns Unibet. They also have several other casino brands under their wing such as iGame,
Maria Casino, and even more. At Kindred Affiliates, you can become partner with all these brands and get revenue from referring their websites. They provide a simple platform with a lot of Media content for promoting the brands of your choice. Everything from text links to videos can be used easily. Let’s make money!

Gambling Affiliation

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Gambling Affiliation is one of the biggest affilite networks within the iGaming industry.
It’s an internationally focused network with a lot of brands covering any countries and they also got a lot of different deals. Weather you like to be paid immediately when someone fulfills the CPA or if you want revenue share, there is always plenty of options for you. The platform is slick with many interesting features, especially if you run a website. You can have pre-built java scripts for odds comparison and bonus widgets.

How to get traffic, continuously

Once you have registered on one of the affiliate-networks mentioned above, the actual work starts. How do you make people click your affiliate links? That’s the challenge here. You somehow need a lot of traffic. You see, if you get 100 clicks on your link, maybe 1 of those customers will go on and actually register an account with the casino. This means you have a conversion ratio of 1% (1% of all your clicks converts a signup”. The higher conversion ratio you have, the better it obviously is. If you have a higher conversion ratio, but a lower number of clicks, you can still earn more than someone with a big number of clicks but with a low conversion ratio.

Ideal cases for this type of business would be if you already run a blog, a facebook page, a website or perhaps a youtube-channel. Anything that drives traffic online works. Then you need to figure out how to use your asset (traffic) in order to make money. Only you know you audience, do they like to read about success-stories? Tell them about how easy it is to win on casinos. Do they like a challenge? Tell them about that hard-to-reach bonus that one of the casino slots offer.. The more information you have about your audience, the higher chance you have of converting them to signups. A lot of people works this the “old-fashioned way” namely, making a website and trying to rank on google. New ways of traffic would be through social medias like facebook or twitter but also video platforms such as youtube or twitch (which is a live streaming platform). The more traffic sources you have, the more diverse will your audience be and you can target different niches with you advertising of affiliate links

Invest time in creating a useful service for your audience, that way they will come back to you after seeing your channel the first time. If you can maintain your current audience while growing it, you have reached a point where living off of your channel might very well be possible.