Viva La Free spins is the right place for all casino lovers out there with a special taste for freespins. We will always strive to provide the latest information about casinos with good free spin bonuses. Most casinos today offer some sort of free spins, but only some casinos provide freespins without requiring you to deposit money. These are our lovers for real. We want free spins without having to deposit anything at all, and then we want to turn these spins into huge piles of money and we are going to help you do the same!


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200 free spins at voodoodreams casino.

Vegas Hero

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Karjala kasino

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Ikibu Casino

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Freespins no deposit bonus

Here you can see a list of different online casino that offers you a deal without even put any money to your casino account. That means that this is a total free bonus for you.


Free deals is good

The best part is, if you manage to make enough money from the no-deposit freespins, you can withdraw this money and then actually use the money to get a welcome bonus at another casino. It’s our secret little trick that we use in order to farm free money actually. Then again, make sure to look for the requirements in order to fulfill the freespin bonuses so that you can make a withdrawal. Viva La freespins could actually be called “viva la money”, freespins is just our way of getting loads of free cash! 

Recommended slots to farm using your freespins:

  • Twinspin
  • Starburst
  • Book of dead

These have a high payout rate so even if you only have, let’s say 10 freespins, you can mostly turn those into some more money spins. Always go by the cheapest spins so that you can get as many spins out of your cash as possible and pray that you hit some special combo or winning free spins. Jackpots such as Mega Fortune for example, is hard to reach success on if you don’t have that many spins. You often need to play a higher number of spins here in order to hit something interesting, but the payouts are obviously larger once you do. If you have something like 100 freespins, this may be a good choice. Karjala Casino currently offers 100 freespins as no-deposit bonus when you register and play there online slots.

It is easy to start the account

When you register to get the bonuses. You just need to fill in your information and accept the terms and conditions at the casino page. After that you are up and running and ready to have a good casino experience. As long as you selected the casinos we recommend that offers no-deposit freespins that is! Many Casinos doesn’t have this so in those cases you will need to deposit money in order to play. Always check out Viva La Freespins in order to stay up to date with the no-deposit bonuses!


Bertil offers 1000 kr to Swedish users.


Zlatan bonus! – Bethard is a good one.


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You use them on slots

Slot machines were initially put in Casinos to keep wives and girlfriends busy while the gamblers played at the tables. The games on the slots were seen as more feminine and easier to play than the regular gambling games the men played. However, they soon took over the main gambling games and have over time become favourites at onsite casinos. With the advent of technology and the Internet, slot games soon moved online and have become the major attraction for every online Casino.

What Exactly Is An Online Slot Machine?

An online slot machine is used to play games which have lines that are spun with the hopes of landing matching symbols that would earn you some wins. Each game has a pay table which dictates how much each symbol combo is. Players then place bets/ stakes on each spin they make and if they land the right combos, they’re well on their way to having a great payday.

Slot machines work on a coin based system, players buy coins from the gaming casinos to have access to the game and then play based on their stakes. Most online casinos give the option of playing either for real cash or just playing for fun.


The idea of slot machines is pretty simple. Each reel has certain symbols (which vary depending on the theme of the game), which all get mixed up when the Spin button is pressed. As soon as the reels spin to an end, the symbols become visible and you get wins depending on the rules and pay table of the game you are playing.

A number of slot machines read the symbols from left to right but a few of them read from both ends. There are also a number of variations and bonuses offered depending on the slot game you are playing.

How Online Slot Machines Work?

All online slot machines have a computer called an RNG – Random Number Generator, which randomly generates number sequence every millisecond. This makes sure that slot games cannot be fixed. This number generator is built into every game slot system of all licensed online casinos and this ensures your games are fair.

Since the numbers are completely random, everyone has a great chance at having a great payday not minding how many times people have cashed out on that particular slot game or game site before.

The online casinos do not have control or access to change anything in the online slots you play on their sites. The slots are developed by third party companies and are uniform across all online casino sites

You can play slots at different sites

Here you can find pictures and information about 4 different ones.

Wild Sultan

Up to 500 EUR bonus. At the Wild sultan palace!


Great with 100% and 30 freespins on the slots at Wunderino.

Violet Casino

The violet is a awsome place to play at. Try it out.


100% if up to 200 euro in deposit bonus, also no deposit with 11 spins.


100% up top 100 euro. Try the redbet and see how it goes.

The best online casino

An Online Casino, also referred to as Internet or Virtual Casino, is an online version of traditional casinos. Just like the traditional ones, they allow gamblers to play and wager on games through the internet. Online casinos have begun to spring up rapidly now. Access to the internet and ease of use have made them a much more appealing option than heading out to an actual real casino to play games. Several features must be present for an online casino to be regarded as good. A good online casino means a quality gaming experience and assurance of security.

A good online casino should be set up well and provide quality services to the users so that they keep coming back. Some of these features are as follows: A good online casino should have a wide variety of games offered to the payers. It should offer all the benefits that a traditional casino will offer on a regular. Different areas of the websites should be dedicated to different games so as to ensure a good user experience as this helps players to find a specific game table anytime they return to the site to play it.


Common games offered include classic card games such as blackjack or poker, online bingo or slot machines. There are thousands of variations of these games and a good online casino should offer updates on them as soon as the game companies release them. In summary, a larger selection of games offered to the users allow the casino cater to a wide audience and their different preferences.

Easy to use interface

A good online casino should have an easy to use web interface. The user should be able to navigate the site easily and access any section without difficulty. The links to the different types of games offered should be displayed in a menu available on every page of the site. The general layout of the site should be fun and inviting and encourage players to return.


The online casino industry is a competitive one. A good online casino should offer regular promotions and bonuses for both new and previously existing customers to keep them happy. 

Timely winnings distribution

A good online casino should always deliver a player’s winnings as soon as possible. Any policy that specifies how long it will take to deliver said winnings to the player after winning should be displayed on the site prominently. A FAQ on payments and winnings should also be available on the site to guide players.

Good software

A good casino site should have well-tested software that runs the sounds, themes, animations, graphics and gameplay of the games optimally. The software of the site must run smoothly, allowing the games to run without glitches. This drives users to play the games. The software can be developed in-house or licensed from software providers. A good online casino is also one that invests in enough servers and bandwidth from their web host that ensures the user does not experience lag due to gameplay.

Online support

It is almost mandatory for an online casino to have a live chat support feature that runs 24/7. The site needs to offer this feature as no matter how good the site is, people will still run into problems and will need to ask questions. The site should offer a variety of other tools for customer support such as email and phone communication so that the users can choose the option that they prefer. These features should always be prominently displayed on the site and the support staff in charge of this should always be courteous and ready to help.

Online casino

For many years, people have been going to traditional casinos to enjoy their favorite games and to place wagers to win some cool cash. But with the invention of the Internet, there is a more convenient way to play your favorite games and gamble without having to pay a visit to a dedicated gaming house (land casinos). As you may already know, casinos are places people go to gamble. Which means an online casino would be a casino that is operated on the Internet. They can also be referred to as Internet or virtual casinos.

Unlike the traditional casino where people go to a game house to gamble, online casinos do not require people to go anywhere before they can place bets on their favorite cards or table games. With online casinos, you can be anywhere around the world and still be able to play and win money. All you require is a computer or mobile device and an access to the Internet and you can start to wager on your favorite games. The games that are played on online casinos are specially designed by various gaming software companies and then rented or sold to online casinos. Some of the top game designers include; Real-time gaming, Amaya, micro-gaming, Playtech e.t.c.

A big benefit of using online casinos is that they offer plenty of bonuses to their new and existing players in order to encourage them to continue using their online casino. These include welcome bonuses, referral bonuses, insurance bonuses and sticky bonuses.

Types of online casinos

Depending on their inter-phase, online casinos can been classed into two groups; Download based and Web based online casinos. Many casinos offer either of the two but there are some online casinos that offer the both of them.

Download based casinos:

In download based online casinos, the software client needs to be downloaded to be able to play and place bets on the games that are being offered by the casino. There is a casino service provider that the online casino software connects to. The online casino software handles contact without a browser support. The biggest advantage of the download based online casino is its ability to run fast, even faster than Web based casinos. This is mostly because of cached sounds and graphics programs by the software client instead of having to load it from the Internet. The disadvantage however, is that it takes a lot of time to download and install a download based online client. There is also a chance that the program might come with malware.

Web based casinos

Web based online casinos are also called flash casinos; players are required to play casino games directly from the website without having to download the softwares to their computer. As is expected, the games come in either of micro-media shockwave, java or micro-media flash browser plugins. The sounds, animations and graphics of the games are loaded via the Web through the plugin which means bandwidth is required. The major disadvantage of the Web based online casino is that Apple devices like ipad, iPhone and ipod are unable to play flash games since they do not support the technology.

Games offered at online casinos include games that you can also play at traditional casinos. Some of them are:

  • Craps
  • Sic Bo
  • Blackjack
  • Slot machines
  • Keno
  • Poker
  • Bingo